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I have worked as an au pair on and off for 20 years. During this time, I have picked up clever tips from the mommies and these have helped me to develop my own program. I got tired of giving the children back so I adopted my beautiful daughter, Carmen, in May 2009. This is positively the best idea I have ever had.
Margaret joined me as a partner in November 2008. She is married and has a married daughter and two grown-up sons. Margaret has proved to be one of the most kind, gentle and genuine people I have ever met. She does part-time work for hospice and I find her excellent with clients who need continued support.
Lee-ann started the business with me in May 2006. At the time she owned a cattery and ran a craft school. Now she does personnel placements in the corporate world. She is boisterous and outgoing. Older children respond well to her to the point where it seems as if she has a magic fairy wand.
Bruce, now mid-forties, has worked in financial services and he now does project finance, so he is no fool. He is the father of five children, ranging from ages 7 to 17. With all this experience, he calmly helps other parents to get with the program.
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Dear Rhonel
4 nights of both girls sleeping 11 - 12 hours and they are sleeping beautifully in the day now too!! And so easy to put them down. Has changed our lives thank you Rhonel.

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