Sleep Training

It is not possible to MAKE someone else sleep. Many children have trouble going to sleep, but it is seldom a medical problem and therefore, using drugs is not only inappropriate, but also ineffective in the long-term. Children need to learn how to self soothe, so that going to sleep is a normal part of their cycle – not a battleground for the family.

Baby Sleep Schedule

Children thrive on routine and the predictability thereof. Each family is unique, adapting their own special brand of routine using either set times or a sequence of events. It is important to me that the sleep schedule be in a specific order at more or less predictable time periods. I have found that the following works the best:
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1. Supper:
Parents make the mistake of thinking the later the better, but the opposite is true. Tired children do not eat well. I recommend that supper be eaten before 5 in the afternoon.

2. Playtime:
I do not feel it is possible to calm children down straight after dinner and so I rather recommend that their last energy be spent vigorously playing with parents. This is a good time for dad to get involved, and weather permitting I like them to go for a walk, swim, cycle and play ball.

3. Bathtime:
This is holy time of day and I strongly feel that the parents should be the ones to bath the child. Have fun – you may even want to bath with your child, but be sure to have a great time. Then, wrap your child in a towel and dress them in their OWN BEDROOM.

4. Storytime:
This gives the opportunity for last cuddles and closeness while reading to your child. As well as being fun (I dislike any boring stories), this is also good for language development.

5. Bedtime:
Last hug and kiss, lots of I love you’s. Tuck your child into bed and leave the room so that they fall asleep by themselves.
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Dear Rhonel
4 nights of both girls sleeping 11 - 12 hours and they are sleeping beautifully in the day now too!! And so easy to put them down. Has changed our lives thank you Rhonel.

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